Flood Damage & Restoration

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Experienced and trained technicians from Chicago’s White Glove Cleaning & Restoration offer 24- hour emergency water damage restoration services. We realize that water damage is hazardous to your health and dangerous for your home or business.  Therefore, time is of the essence when water damage occurs. If you have water damage from a broken pipe, sewer backup, toilet overflow, failed sump pump or standing basement water, give the experts at Chicago’s White Glove Cleaning & Restoration a call right now 847-740-7000 or 773-877-9300.

We have technicians on call 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

If treated quickly, White Glove can minimize the water damage, reduce restoration costs and prevent the growth of mold, and other contaminants. Immediate response is important. Your home or business and its contents are less likely to develop mold if they are cleaned dried within 48 hours.

Chicago’s White Glove Cleaning & Restoration has a comprehensive process to solve your water damage problem so that we can return your home to a normal healthy living environment. Water damage is no fun when it strikes. It can be stressful. Let the professionals of White Glove take care of your water damage issues.

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